Thanks to our many contributors, BoatPAC continues to protect the interests of recreational boating on Capitol Hill. BoatPAC is supported by hundreds of small contributions that add up to big impact on the political campaign trails. Thank you for your interest and support in BoatPAC and the advocacy efforts of MRRA and NMMA across the country.

If you have any questions or want more information regarding BoatPAC, please contact Erica Crocker at (202) 737-9776.

BoatPAC Board of Directors

BoatPAC is managed my members of MRRA and NMMA and those volunteers are listed below:

Clarke Smith – The Norman-Spencer Agency, Inc. – Chair

John Swick – Safe Harbor Marinas – Vice Chair

Jason Blackburn – Faria Beede

Dave Briggs -Wayzata Marine

Raul Chacon -MG+M The Law Firm

Jim Emmons – Water Sports Foundation, Inc.

Ray Fernandez – Bridge Marina

Cale Grauer –HydroHoist

Jim Hardin – Grady White

Robert Healy, Jr – Viking

Greg Lentine – Norcross Marine

Dave Marlow– Brunswick

Jinger McPeak -Enovation Controls

Martin Peters -Yamaha Motor

Carlton Phillips – Prince William Marina

Richie Rodgers -Sportsman Boats

Dana Russikoff -ShureShade

Larry Russo -MarineMax

Jeff Wasil – BRP

Mick Webber – HydroHoist


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